Jeff Halbirt

Jeff Halbirt

Jeff wears a couple of hats at Geneva. He heads up our sales strategy team as well as specific duties as the District Manager Southwest for Geneva Equipment. Jeff gets fired up by people and what makes them tick. He will tell you that hearing their stories, understanding their needs, and developing solutions that work is what he is all about. Jeff is an idea guy. If you have a new way to do something or an idea that you think will work, give him a ring. He and his wife live in Texas where they love being outdoors, going to sporting events, and enjoying a variety of different local cuisine.

Get In Contact With Jeff:

Email: | Office Phone: 855-201-7193 | Cell Phone: 281-961-3993

Welcome to Geneva Companies:

The Geneva Holdings Group is a privately based holding group that seeks long term partnership opportunities with companies focused in the areas of computer and electronics technology; industrial product sales and distribution; environmental betterment; logistics; and emerging technologies designed to keep our air and water safe.

A US buyer & seller of heavy equipment to the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Environmental, Agriculture, and Construction industries. Equipment solutions include frac tanks, ISO tanks, trucks, trailers, oilfield equipment, and more to fit any project. Geneva Equipment delivers equipment to your door, no matter where in the world that door is.

A US Broker of oil, fuel, minerals and chemicals to the United States, Mexico, and other international refineries and businesses. If you need raw materials for what you do, we can help secure it and get it delivered to you. Geneva International uses strategic partnerships around the world to source high quality products for any project.