About Us

The Geneva Holdings Group is a privately based holding group with offices in Texas and the Chicagoland area. We seek long term partnership opportunities with companies focused in the areas of computer and electronics technology; industrial product sales and distribution; environmental betterment; logistics; and emerging technologies designed to keep our air and water safe and our resources re-claimed.

We are entrepreneurs at heart, bringing extensive expertise to both new and existing companies poised for growth.  Our core strengths are product/business evaluation, equity financing, marketing, and technology.

We are a group built on two philosophies:

1. We look for people and companies who are hungry, humble, and smart.

2. We believe in treating people as we want to be treated. We seek long term relationships from which we not only develop profitable companies but lifelong partnerships.


Our History

Tom Stevenson started this business with a dream in mind.

If you: work hard, learn what you don’t know, never say, “I can’t do that,” keep your eye open for opportunity, have an entrepreneurial spirit, treat people fairly, and always keep growing, you will succeed at what you put your mind to.

That Dream hasn’t changed but it has grown to include a tight knit group of like-minded people who share the vision!

Our Core Executive Team

We’re a committed and passionate band of sometimes merry and always lively men and women who work hard, play hard, and value speaking frankly to each other about business and anything else on our minds. When we say, “yes” we do so with enthusiasm and conviction. When we say, “no,” we say it with, “well-considered investigation and deliberate consideration.” Our biggest blessing is our people. We welcome challenge, diversity of thought, and all life long learners who have cool ideas that just might change the world!