B2B Industrial Equipment

Geneva Equipment is a provider of equipment solutions to our industrial partners. The key industries we do business in are: Oil & Gas, Water Remediation, Chemical, Construction, Agriculture, Environmental Services, Paper & Wood Products, and Municipalities.

Global Commodities

Geneva International is a US distributor of commodity products which provide domestic and global customers ready access to the oil, fuel, minerals, agriculture, chemicals and water remediation products they need to do business.


Geneva Technologies operates in three main business areas. Reclaimer/Re-cycler of electronic products: keeping cell phones and computers out of landfills. Developer of key technologies like our newest water testing app. Provider of server storage and security to our large industry partners.


Geneva Logistics is in the business of transporting goods and services domestically. We transport and sell pale oil, jet fuel, water to hydrostatic testing sites, Frac Tanks, and technology components. If it needs to go from point A to point B, we’re on it!