Geneva Holdings Group Invests in Future Leaders in Innovation

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Tom Stevenson, founder of Geneva Holdings Group in LaSalle, IL, will be recognized at the Annual St. Bede Auction on April 28, 2018 for his philanthropic contributions to the parochial high school.  

“St. Bede has produced some of the greatest leaders; not only in the local community, but in the global business community as well.  Our headquarters are located in the Illinois Valley, so it only makes sense to invest in the people who will be shaping its future” says Stevenson.

The St. Bede Auction is the school’s largest fundraising event of the year, with more than $272,000 raised in 2017.  Attendees can participate in person or remotely via mobile bidding software. All proceeds benefit the St. Bede Annual fund which provides a steady stream of income for the school, bridging tuition gaps, faculty upkeep and other needed expenses.

Geneva Holdings Group is a Chicago-area based private holding group focusing on innovative ventures through strategic partnerships.  Founded in 2017, the company holds several subsidiary companies in the B2B industrial equipment, global commodities, technology and logistic sectors.  

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