Water Testing Goes Hi-Tech

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One of the newest apps on the market isn’t a game. It’s not for fitness, and it’s not really fun.
But in the hands of the right person, it just might save your life.
Designed by Dave Challand of Geneva Holdings Group, it’s a phone app for municipalities which
measures chemicals in the water supply and sends the sensor read information directly to the phones of
public officials responsible for the water supply. Challand says, “the sensors do the work, but the app
has a sleek interface that will alert officials to any chemical or impurity change which needs to be
addressed. They will receive warning levels directly to their phones for any chemical which will appear
as green (the level is safe), yellow (the level is getting near the danger zone), or red (at the danger zone
and requires immediate attention)”. With a red level reading, the app will continuously buzz your phone
until the situation is addressed. In extreme cases, the app even has the power to shut down the water
supply while the city provides treatment.
Now that’s a hi-tech app serving a basic low-tech need– -clean water!